I’d rather trust a nurse.

Right now I am beyond caring for political squabbles and point scoring.

I am beyond caring for the belittling of each other.

Because I am caring for a 10 year old boy, lying in a hospital bed, recovering from a traumatic operation. He cannot sleep due to constant sickness and we didn’t sleep much the night before either.

I have seen something different here, in stark contrast to recent weeks of political stories.

My son’s operation was carried out by a highly skilled surgeon who came to work without a huge ego and without the need to belittle anyone else. He was assisted by a team who all placed my son at the centre of their plan, finding out his needs and discussing the best way to meet them. He has since been cared for by skilled nurses who are all keen to understand my son’s needs and to help him in the best way for him. The nurse working through the night is already thinking ahead, trying to manage his health to ensure that he doesn’t become more unwell. She is busy working with others to help coordinate the best plan.

None of these highly skilled professionals told me that they are better than anyone else.
None of these highly skilled professionals told me that others are not to be trusted.
None of them has falsely given me hope.
None of them has made any promises they cannot keep.

The opposite has been true.

The highly skilled surgeon talked about the risks.
He understood the complexities of the surgery.
He discussed the potential worst case scenario.

He didn’t hide anything behind positive sounding slogans.

He told the truth.
Even though I didn’t want to hear some of it.
He told the truth, however scary, because it was the right thing to do.
It was necessary for me to know everything before making any decisions.

The nurses are seeing me at a point far from my best.
I have not slept tonight and had very little sleep last night.
I have my own health troubles.
But they are not judging me.
They are treating me as an equal professional in my son’s care.

They are doing the best they can do, whilst trying not to make anything worse. They are working together and listening to all who can help.

If only politicians would do the same.

19 thoughts on “I’d rather trust a nurse.

  1. Very well said! It’s about time politics got a shake up – of all the people we need to trust in our lives, it should be the people who run our countries, but they are so after their own agendas that it makes anything they say hard to trust 😦

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  2. What a contrast to the politicians! Perhaps the politicians can ‘learn lessons’ from the medical profession!! I hope he soon gets better; it must be a difficult time for you x

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    1. I always like to give praise when it is due.

      The staff at Bristol Children’s Hospital were faultless. A brilliant team who go about their jobs with total professionalism and compassion.

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  3. So sorry to hear your son is ill, I hope he is recovering from his operation. I agree, politicians should stop bickering and making fun of each other and work together to make this country a better and safer place to live in.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your little one. I know what it’s like as as a mum and a carer. I feel for you and totally agree with your post. I wish you all the very best and sending love and prayer for your little one quick recovery. #kcacols

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  5. Great post. I hope your kid is okay and is doing better. Nurses are amazing. I work at a pharmacy and we have the district nurses in all the time and they never sugarcoat a thing. #kcacols

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    1. It is a difficult recovery at the moment but we are moving in the right direction. We did have the most excellent care though.


  6. I’m sorry to hear your little boy has had an operation. I hope he is recovering well and that you are getting a little more sleep. I completely agree with you, you can never trust a politician! #KCACOLS


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