We all do it – even Elves!

Some days you have to be brave. Here is a photo like no other that I am likely to ever share again. Please be kind, I did it to raise awareness of something really, really important.

Toy Elf, using a ceiling hoist to sit on the toilet.
No big deal – we all need to “go”sometimes!

Would you take a photo of yourself on the toilet?

No? Because it is a personal matter? Something which should be done in private?

I agree. But what happens to all the Elves (and people) who need a Changing Places toilet when they go to places which don’t have one? It is horrible, in fact, it is so much more horrible than people seeing a photo of you sat on the loo.

Sometimes they end up being hauled from their wheelchair and manhandled to a toilet floor in order to get cleaned up.

I know of Elves (and people) who have been changed in public areas, “hidden” behind bushes, or by someone holding a coat up to try to preserve their already lost dignity.

That is so much worse than my photo, which is why I ask that you share it and ask everyone you know to sign this petitionto ask supermarkets to give all Elves and all people the dignity they deserve.

I had a horrible experience at a Sainsbury’s store last week, but the same thing happens in stores across the country. Nothing will change unless there is legal action or huge public pressure. I am a small Elf, I don’t really want to have to become embroilled in legal action against a big supermarket, so I am hoping that people will help by coming together to tell them that all Elves matter.

My photo was taken at Cornwall Services where they care for all Elves and all people. Life shouldn’t be about toilets, it should be about having fun and living well, but toilets make that possible.

Two photos, one of an elf toy in a chair eating and drinking with text saying "Elves love to eat and drink". The other shows the toy Elf hoisted to the toilet with text saying "Then we need to go".


Two photos, one of the toy elf being hoisted to a basin to wash his hands, with text saying "Elves always wash their hands". Second photo has text saying "Then they are ready to eat and drink some more!" with the photo showing the toy elf eating again.

Cornwall Services, you are definitely on the nice list!

Alfie the Elf.x

21 thoughts on “We all do it – even Elves!

  1. Fantastic to see how you are approaching raising awareness of these issues.
    Well done Alfie, your work is much more important than sitting on a shelf.

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    1. Thank you! It is a big job for a little Elf but every one of can make a difference. There is room for everyone on the nice list!


    1. Thank you! What we need is more and more people (and Elves) sharing the message – equality has to mean all! Thank you.xxx


  2. Well done you for speaking up. You should be so proud of what you are doing, and you are doing so much! It’s just such a shame it has to be done. This post is a great way of sharing the issue, especially at this time of year. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I will of course sign your petition.

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  3. Well, we might not talk about loo’s very much, but they are such an important part of our daily lives that if something isn’t right, then it needs to be shouted about. As always I fully support your campaign, and I really hope that more people that need to listen, do so. Sorry you had an awful time recently. But very glad of Cornwall services.

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  4. This is a great blog and post. Well done for getting your point across. Bless you. Will sign your petition and hope that your cause gets to more people. Rooting for you.

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  5. I’ve signed the petition for you. Given the profits most stores make I’m sure there’s enough cash to drastically upgrade toilet provision. There’s enough muttering about ‘corporate social responsibility’ but that needs to start within.

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