Elf on Wheels Visits Santa!

“Santa’s here! I know him!”

I was really, really excited about going to see Santa. But, after recent difficulties when out, I was a bit worried because the place he was at didn’t have a usable toilet for an Elf like me, nor for my friend. It was the first thing we both asked!

But my family really wanted to take me to see Santa. I have been here for over a moth now and I have missed him terribly. I needed to see him. The work I have been doing has not been easy and I needed a boost.

I can only assume that Santa did not know that this place doesn’t have a Changing Places toilet. It isn’t like him to go anywhere that doesn’t respond properly to requests for access improvement. I do know that they have had a couple of companies in to give quotes though, so maybe Santa thought it had already been installed? I will be speaking to him to make sure that he knows to check before agreeing to visit next year!

Seeing Santa was wonderful!


He really is the most amazing man – so kind and caring. He knew all about my friend and gave him a present. My friend often struggles when meeting new people but he knew that this was the real Santa and even hugged him! It was fantastic to see two people so happy!

Paradise Park did a beautiful job with Santa’s Grotto, though the entrance was a bit of a struggle with my chair. It could do with being a little wider next year as I will probably have a bigger wheelchair by then!

Afterwards, we had a look around the park. I loved the penguins and flamingos, and I had great fun with the African Cranes. One enjoyed following us around, which made my friend laugh!

I did have a worrying encounter with a dinosaur, which I was not expecting, but it turned out fine – thankfully it wasn’t real!

There was a major new building project going on! Maybe this is where they will add a hoist assisted toilet facility with an adult sized changing table? Or maybe they have another plan? There must be a plan!

The main café looked great but I couldn’t risk a mince pie or a milkshake today. It was tempting, but there was a long journey home. We treated ourselves to a large box of fudge to make leaving after such a short time a little bit easier – it didn’t really help, but it was tasty!

Good businesses want to include all people and I am sure this is a good business. They have some lovely staff, and I just know that Santa would not have gone there if he didn’t believe that Paradise Park was on the nice list.

Take a look for yourself, visit this lovely place, help feed the penguins, play in the Jungle Barn indoor play area and explore the great facilities that Paradise Park offers. And, if you are able to stay for more than an hour, do think of those of us who cannot.

We are only asking for the same things that you take for granted, and you would expect them to have toilet facilities for you.

Disabled Elves and people should be able to expect it too.

7 thoughts on “Elf on Wheels Visits Santa!

    1. It is a lovely place to visit and we know many families who would like to visit more often, but cannot just because of a lack of a usable toilet. I am very hopeful that they will use the information they have gained this year to bring positive change in 2018.


  1. What a lovely venue! I am so pleased that they have made plans to make it more accessible for Elves that need wheels and their friends. I hope that these plans are followed through without unnecessary delay. I am sure that they will be on Santa’s good list 🙂

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    1. It is a truly lovely place and they have some great staff. They have been open to learning about what is needed and I am so hopeful that next year will bring improved facilities.


  2. I really hope they install the changing places toilet, places like this are great for kids, adults and families so it’s such a shame when people can’t go or have to leave early for lack of accessible toilets.

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    1. This really is an attraction where there is something for the whole family. If it had toilets for the whole family it would be a perfect place for us to go to regularly.

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