Why did Santa “hold on”?

One of our favourite Christmas books for children is ‘Father Christmas Needs A Wee’, by Nicholas Allen.

It is a fun book with counting and rhyming as well as a bit of toilet-related humour – what more can we ask in a fun festive book?

But there is a much more serious message in it, (which only a few people know about) and that is the reason why Santa didn’t just use the loo in one of the many houses he visited that night.

Photo of the back of the book. The blurb says
Read it yourself to find out if he makes it!

As the back of the book says, Santa visits house after house, consuming more and more drinks till he feels fit to burst. And then he has to rush to home, desperately trying to hold on and not wet himself.

Yet, all of these houses had bathrooms! Why didn’t he just stop for a moment and have that wee. The poor chap looks like he is pain at one point, yet still he holds on, steadfastly refusing to use one of the many toilets that he passes.

Santa, sat on a roof, looking uncomfortable with the words
He looks really desperate here!

Quite simply, it is because Santa is very big on equality and will only “go” if everyone in his team can also “go”. One of his most brilliant and efficient Elves, Alfie, is a full time wheelchair user who needs a hoist assisted toilet. So, when Alfie can’t use the facilities, neither does anyone else.

And that is the same for many families. When one person cannot “go”, nobody does.

All for the need of a toilet with a hoist and adult sized changing table – a Changing Places toilet!

Alfie the Elf, sat on the toilet, using the hoist and his toileting sling.
We all need to pee – even disabled Elves!
Alfie the Elf, sat in his wheelchair, with the book "Father Christmas Needs A Wee" in front of him.
Alfie is so proud to be part of Santa’s team.

Alfie hopes that you will enjoy the book as much as he does (it is available through Amazon and other book sellers) and he hopes that you will share his story so that more people might support the Changing Places campaign so that Santa needn’t be so uncomfortable next year.

Do take a look at what happens to an Elf (or person) when these facilities are not available and when they can’t make it home in time. It is an important story.




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