Who needs Changing Places?

Whenever I see “Changing Places” written down I am mentally adding the word “toilets”. I dislike the name given to the facilities and the campaign because it doesn’t tell us enough. “Changing Places toilets” are not just a place to change pads.¬†That is one need for some users, but not for all. Just because you… Continue reading Who needs Changing Places?

OOPS! I took out your toilet!

Do you think that statement would get a faster response than my polite messages expressing that we were not able to use a “disabled toilet”? Because quite often I am scared that we are going to knock the toilet and break it. Powered chairs are sturdy things. Just a small movement of the joystick triggers a big movement of a… Continue reading OOPS! I took out your toilet!

That logo on the door.

All too often businesses will pull out the argument that they don’t need to improve toilet facilities because they are already “meeting minimum legal standards”. They are, after all, providing a “toilet-with-a-wheelchair-logo-on-the-door”. They don’t see the need to do anything else. Indeed, an Asda store recently won praise for putting another sign on that door to… Continue reading That logo on the door.

Theatres need improving…

…for able-bodied women. The Theatre’s Trust announced a new¬†scheme to improve women’s toilet facilities at up to 10 theatres. Taken from the BBC News article, “The anxiety caused by long queues, with unappealing conditions often awaiting even the lucky few, meaningfully diminishes the joy of theatre for about half the audience.” The anxiety of having… Continue reading Theatres need improving…