When do you start planning a day out?

In Cornwall, you are never far from a beach. But, for some people, the beach might as well be a million miles away. If you can’t stand or walk, how do you get across the soft sand? People will tell you that many beaches have “special” chairs available to hire, but how do you transfer… Continue reading When do you start planning a day out?

Meet Mobiloo Adam!

My son has a mobile toilet named after him. And we are delighted! You might laugh, and it does sound funny, but Adam is completely thrilled. “Mobiloo Me!!!” It might seem a little strange that a mobile toilet has been named at all, let alone that someone would be excited about it being named after them,… Continue reading Meet Mobiloo Adam!

What Mobiloo means…

It is a great product, run by a great team. But , in reality, it is JUST A TOILET! This is what it really means… And this…. Spending time with your favourite animal at the zoo… Mastering a new skill… Learning about edible plants from forager Matt Vernon… Fun times at the beach… Enjoying a… Continue reading What Mobiloo means…

Wheels, Wild Food and Fun!

Life has plenty of battles for disabled people but, every so often, somebody gets everything totally right and I love to share those moments. A few months back I saw a family foraging walk advertised and really wanted to try it, but I really wasn’t sure about wheelchair accessibility or if my son would even cope with strangers being… Continue reading Wheels, Wild Food and Fun!