Our first visit to The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

We have wanted to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan for some time.

We have only ever heard good things about the place and everyone raves about the cake. But, without a Changing Places toilet, we just couldn’t visit.

So we asked them to install one.

And they did!

No business case to prepare. No statistics. No excuses.

No suggesting that we were asking for too much. No suggestion that jobs would be lost.

And no wish to do anything less than getting it right!

Take a look at this!

A view of the sink, bin, toilet, shelf, mirror and chair. Two lovely plants can be seen in the mirror/Changing table, hoist and toilet can be seen. Along with a beautiful picture covering the rear wall. The picture is full of green trees and shrubs surrounding a lake.Yet, from the outside, it looks just like all the other toilets. And it is right there with all the other facilities. Just where it is meant to be, as you arrive from the car park.

Photo shows a large wooden building with ramped access and a Changing Places logo on the door. The logo shows a wheelchair user, care with a changing table in frot f them and a ceiling hoist. There is a mural on the fence outside, the sky is bright blue and there are green trees in the background.

The door is opened with a Radar key and I know that most users have their key with them at all times, but, if you have misplaced it the Reception area is very close by and the staff are all aware of the facility and will open it for you.

Adam was invited along to officially open the facility and he was truly delighted when he entered the room. As you can see HERE. The lady standing outside the room is a member of the team who created the facility and her reaction to Adam’s response is worth seeing.

We love the attitude from the team at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. It took longer than they wanted to get it installed as they encountered a few difficulties and it could not easily be done the way they wanted during a busy summer season, but they have always been clear that it mattered and would be done. There was never a question of “if”, it was just a matter of “when”.

This is an example of just one of the e-mails from one of the team involved in developing it,

“I strongly believe and hope that in the coming years this sort of facility should be a requirement for attractions such as Heligan to have, but I have a desire that we as an organisation take the leap before a time when we will be pushed by government policy.”

It is a wonderful attitude and one which more and more organisations are showing. Cornwall really is home to some brilliant attractions and people.

Adam is using his blue powered wheelchair and is outside the Changing Places toilet with his mum, and with two men and a woman from Heligan who all made the facility happen. Adam is wearing shorts and a bright blue T-shirt and looks very happy.

Adam was thrilled to know that he could stay all day.

We had a wonderful time and saw sights that we had previously only been able to enjoy through other people’s photographs. We thoroughly recommend the pasties and the ice cream – salted caramel and rhubarb ice cream really does need to be sampled!

Adam is sat on his powered wheelchair looking at a sign explaining the story of The Giant's Head. Behind him, blending in beautifully to the landscape is a Giants Head made of grass and stone. The Giant has beautiful blue eyes.Summer is about hanging out with your mates, and a Changing Places facility made that possible. The photo below might not look like anything special was happening, but it was a priceless memory for all the adults present. Just kids. Just being together. And we knew how precious it was.

Three boys, all aged around 11-14, just hanging out together and chatting, away from adults. They are in a woodland area, shaded by trees and appear to be very relaxed.

These are the memories which stay with us. These are the moments which make it a life well lived. And we all need to be able to create them every day.

Sadly, on the subject of food, I was too full from the pasty and ice cream to sample any of their cakes. So we will have to return!

And we recommend that you do too!




7 thoughts on “Our first visit to The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

  1. How amazing! How wonderful! I am so thrilled for your family.
    Noah’s ark zoo farm has or is about to open their facilities too. Apparently they are the only venue in Bristol to have changing places toilets installed.


    1. Thank you.

      It is a beautifully finished one, so much thought has gone into it. They want to be the best they can be for all.


  2. Wow, nice to read a success story. That looks an amazing toilet.
    It was also a lovely reaction from the lady. Well done to The Lost Gardens of Heligan and to you and Adam of course.


    1. Her reaction was so lovely to see. I saw her again today, as we were filming with ITV Westcountry, and she told me they had had a lady go to their Reception to thank them for installing the changing places toilet. The lady told them of the difference it had made to her day and the staff present were ready to cry.

      The team at Heligan truly understand.


  3. That ChangingPlaces toilet looked like it was some really exotic spa bathroom, they have done it so well and made it somewhere that is pleasant and relaxing which is exactly what is needed.
    Well done to the Lost Gardens of Heligan for listening to what is needed by your customers and then acting upon it. You will definitely be on my list of places to visit the next time I’m down that way.

    Liked by 1 person

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