“Reasonable adjustments” – does anyone know what they are?

The Equality Act brought together many separate pieces of legislation into one single Act, designed to protect the rights of individuals and create equality for all. Which sounds lovely. The Act states that there is a duty on organisations to make “reasonable adjustments” if a person is placed at a substantial disadvantage due to disability… Continue reading “Reasonable adjustments” – does anyone know what they are?

My journey with Alfie.

As I set out with Alfie each “Oh, who’s your friend” I received was cheerfully greeted with an explanation of who Alfie was and what his needs are. By day two of travelling I’d grown tired of repeating it all. BY DAY TWO. By day three I didn’t have the heart to say it anymore.… Continue reading My journey with Alfie.

Elf On Wheels goes to London.

A trip on a night train to London is something most people would look forward to with great excitement. But when you use a wheelchair, it can be nerve-wracking, with so many extra things to consider. How many days ahead do I need to book assistance? Is the platform accessible? Will there be steps? Will assistance actually come?… Continue reading Elf On Wheels goes to London.