Why not just wear pads?

My name is George and I am 24 years old. I am fully continent but have always had to wear nappies and pads whenever I go out of the house just because of a lack of toilets with hoists available. How would that make you feel? Think about it for a moment. I have quadriplegic… Continue reading Why not just wear pads?

Sainsbury’s – the excuse list…

This is a copy of the “reasons” that Sainsbury’s gives as they refuse to improve their toilet facilities in their Penzance store, despite knowing that my son, and hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, cannot access them. This child had a bad experience in their Penzance store, which continued to affect him long… Continue reading Sainsbury’s – the excuse list…

What is a Changing Places toilet?

Quite simply, it is a toilet with extra space and two extra bits of equipment to assist those who cannot just get themselves onto a toilet. No big deal, just a hoist to lift a person from their wheelchair and an adult sized changing table to change pads or to sort clothes and switch to a toilet sling… Continue reading What is a Changing Places toilet?

My son matters!

Why as a society do we expect our more vulnerable members to accept less than we would ever accept for ourselves? “Floor based changing facility”. I kid you not, that is the term used . I had signed Adam up to an activity for disabled children and queried the toilet situation for those who need… Continue reading My son matters!

Who needs Changing Places?

Whenever I see “Changing Places” written down I am mentally adding the word “toilets”. I dislike the name given to the facilities and the campaign because it doesn’t tell us enough. “Changing Places toilets” are not just a place to change pads.┬áThat is one need for some users, but not for all. Just because you… Continue reading Who needs Changing Places?