Meet Mobiloo Adam!

My son has a mobile toilet named after him. And we are delighted!

You might laugh, and it does sound funny, but Adam is completely thrilled. “Mobiloo Me!!!”

a smiling boy, wearing a blue t-shirt with Minions dressed as The Big Bang Theory characters, sat on his orange powered wheelchair. Behind him is a van with the tail lift down. Inside the van a toilet with rails, an adult sized changing table and ceiling hoist are all visible.
Adam was delighted to meet Mobiloo Adam!

It might seem a little strange that a mobile toilet has been named at all, let alone that someone would be excited about it being named after them, but this is exciting!

Imagine how it would feel to be unable to access a toilet unless there was a hoist to lift you to it. You know you need to go. You know that other people can go. But you just can’t access it and you know what will happen if you don’t find a usable toilet soon.

Two years ago, before we discovered the existence of mobile Changing Places toilets, my 10 year old son was becoming reclusive. He wasn’t enjoying going out and he was sad that his choice was to needlessly sit in his own waste or leave early to go home to use a toilet. So he started “choosing” to stay at home, even faking illness at times. Somehow, not going out at all was less painful than having to leave early.

It might sound dramatic, but I am certain that discovering Mobiloo UK saved my son from plunging into depression, which would have led to a lifetime of mental health problems.

But Mobiloo has enabled Adam to break that cycle of poor experiences leading to sadness. Mobiloo has enabled him to get on the beach, in the sea, go zip-lining, explore the countryside and have days out at his favourite attractions in Cornwall.

Adam and his PA are smiling widely as the go round and round on a swinging chair ride at Camel Creek park. It was a wet day and there is a huge pool of water on the ground.
Theme park fun.
Adam riding on a pony carriage, pulled by a beautiful black and white pony. They are in the sea with the waves lapping gently around them. It is a beautiful day with bright blue sky.
Pony rides.

But I have discovered adults who barely leave their own homes due to the fear of having an accident when out, as well as others who are having surgical procedures which are not medically necessary.

And it isn’t just about embarrassment, as my friend Fiona Anderson explains in an eye-opening article. Please read Putting My Health On The Line to truly understand the pain associated with holding on all day. Because it isn’t just uncomfortable, it has long term health effects.

The Changing Places campaign is vital to ensuring that all people can lead great lives. A Bill to make these facilities mandatory in certain large buildings and locations has already passed the first reading in the House of Commons and will have its second reading in November 2018. It would surely take a strange MP to vote against toilet equality for all disabled people? So I am hopeful that things will move forward.

But, until then, mobile facilities make the difference between being trapped at home, sad and lonely, and being an active participant in life.

So we are very glad to have Mobiloo Adam in the fleet. We also think he is the best one yet! 😀

One of the great things about the whole team at Mobiloo is that they see what they do as a temporary solution. They are all keen campaigners for full toilet equality and believe that full Changing Places toilets should be everywhere.

Another great thing about them is that they are constantly striving to improve the design. Mobiloo Adam has a lot more space than the earlier models, with no cupboards in the way and an easily accessible sink. There is a shower if needed, a ceiling hoist which covers the entire space, a moveable height adjustable bench to suit differing needs of users and a toilet with rails which drop into place effortlessly and which are very stable.


We also love the extra light gained from the roof design.

But the best part of Mobiloo Adam (and all the others) is that you can use the facility and then just get on with your day! Just as you should.

The Future Is Accessible!





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  1. Wonderful to read Adam’s story. This facility should be standard and available to all those who are in need. I do hope that all who read the Mobiloo posts share them far and wide!s

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