What is this “ideal world”?

I am fed up with hearing that “in an ideal world everything would be accessible, but it isn’t an ideal world“. What the heck does that mean? What an enormous load of nonsense!!! Believe me, disabled people already know that the world is far from ideal. Disabled people live it every single day! You saying… Continue reading What is this “ideal world”?

Sometimes it is all too hard…

Today I was not a good parent. My child was fed, cuddled, entertained and loved. Every one of his physical needs were met, but I struggled to listen to his emotions and I struggled to empathise. Because it isn’t easy to really listen, let alone try to work out the problem, when someone is shouting… Continue reading Sometimes it is all too hard…

Autism is not “the problem”.

I had a moment of epiphany this week. My son does not like being around large groups of people. He does not like being in enclosed spaces with lots of other people. He cannot work with others if there is noise going on or people moving around. He struggles with indoor group situations, becoming very… Continue reading Autism is not “the problem”.

“Calming Clippers”

I don’t do reviews for companies. This is purely my own experience, shared because I think it will help others. If you have a child with autism or sensory processing difficulties you may dread cutting their hair. I am fairly sure that you do it yourself as I have a child with these difficulties so I know all… Continue reading “Calming Clippers”