Sometimes it is all too hard…

Today I was not a good parent. My child was fed, cuddled, entertained and loved. Every one of his physical needs were met, but I struggled to listen to his emotions and I struggled to empathise. Because it isn’t easy to really listen, let alone try to work out the problem, when someone is shouting… Continue reading Sometimes it is all too hard…

Autism is not “the problem”.

I had a moment of epiphany this week. My son does not like being around large groups of people. He does not like being in enclosed spaces with lots of other people. He cannot work with others if there is noise going on or people moving around. He struggles with indoor group situations, becoming very… Continue reading Autism is not “the problem”.

10 things you may not know about parenting a disabled child.

Some “friends” will disappear, but those who stay, and those who choose to be part of your new world, will be the most amazing friends a person could ever know. You will ache to depths that you didn’t know possible but you will also know unimaginable joy at things others don’t even see. No matter… Continue reading 10 things you may not know about parenting a disabled child.

Parent or carer?

The baby and toddler years are hard. Very few people will dispute that. Most of us admit to a little relief when our little darlings can feed themselves, take themselves off to the toilet, play quietly in their room, get themselves out of the bath ¬†and, most blissful of all, when they can get themselves… Continue reading Parent or carer?