When do you start planning a day out?

In Cornwall, you are never far from a beach. But, for some people, the beach might as well be a million miles away. If you can’t stand or walk, how do you get across the soft sand? People will tell you that many beaches have “special” chairs available to hire, but how do you transfer… Continue reading When do you start planning a day out?

AIBU? (Yes, I read Mumsnet!)

What is your expectation of a simple family day out? Maybe a walk, a trip to a park and a spot of lunch? And you would anticipate it all being rather fun, maybe even relaxing if your child is a bit older. It seems reasonable! We parked and headed along a well loved and popular… Continue reading AIBU? (Yes, I read Mumsnet!)

MPs are only human…

A campaign supporter has been in touch due to a troubling response from her MP to her request that they support Paula Sherriff MP with her Accessible Toilets Bill in November. Here it is… “I am all in favour of Changing Places Toilets being installed in places where that is feasible and reasonable – and… Continue reading MPs are only human…

Taking on The Entertainer…

Sometimes bad experiences happen. We can let them affect us, or we can take action. I want my son to know that he does not have to accept every inequality that he faces. I want him to know that he can bring change. And I want him to know that he can help make sure… Continue reading Taking on The Entertainer…

If I ran the zoo, it would have a loo!

Some time ago, almost 2 years ago, I wrote to the zoo. They didn’t send me a pet, in fact, they didn’t even reply. It was the start of a lengthy, and often one sided, conversation! Yet all we want to do, is go to the zoo. Like other people do, because, we are “other… Continue reading If I ran the zoo, it would have a loo!

Please let me in.

Today was one of those days where I didn’t think I could take any more. I took Elf on Wheels (and my son on wheels) out to explore a local town, with a view to a lighthearted post showing that places are not quite as accessible as most people think. Photos were taken, very carefully, so as to not identify any of… Continue reading Please let me in.

What is a Changing Places toilet?

Quite simply, it is a toilet with extra space and two extra bits of equipment to assist those who cannot just get themselves onto a toilet. No big deal, just a hoist to lift a person from their wheelchair and an adult sized changing table to change pads or to sort clothes and switch to a toilet sling… Continue reading What is a Changing Places toilet?

Some wheelchair users do and some wheelchair users don’t.

Wheelchair users often get some strange looks from able-bodied people. Especially if they create a miracle in the supermarket by rising from their chair to reach the higher shelves. Or by getting up and walking to a table in a restaurant. People use wheelchairs for a variety of purposes. Some people can walk, but not far.… Continue reading Some wheelchair users do and some wheelchair users don’t.

Ever the thrillseeker!

Boys will be boys! They most certainly will. Sometimes, they just need a little help. It is well known that movement and physical play are vital for development. The same is true for children with physical disabilities. Yet most parks don’t have a single piece of accessible play equipment for a child like Adam. All… Continue reading Ever the thrillseeker!