Why not just wear pads?

My name is George and I am 24 years old. I am fully continent but have always had to wear nappies and pads whenever I go out of the house just because of a lack of toilets with hoists available. How would that make you feel? Think about it for a moment. I have quadriplegic… Continue reading Why not just wear pads?

“Reasonable adjustments” – does anyone know what they are?

The Equality Act brought together many separate pieces of legislation into one single Act, designed to protect the rights of individuals and create equality for all. Which sounds lovely. The Act states that there is a duty on organisations to make “reasonable adjustments” if a person is placed at a substantial disadvantage due to disability… Continue reading “Reasonable adjustments” – does anyone know what they are?

Sainsbury’s – the excuse list…

This is a copy of the “reasons” that Sainsbury’s gives as they refuse to improve their toilet facilities in their Penzance store, despite knowing that my son, and hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, cannot access them. This child had a bad experience in their Penzance store, which continued to affect him long… Continue reading Sainsbury’s – the excuse list…

That’s Not My Toilet!

Admittedly, it is a lesser known version of the popular series, but it is actually more real than many of the well known ones. For many wheelchair users, those signs on the door featuring a wheelchair logo might as well say “Keep Out!” Here goes…       It wasn’t hard to do, and this… Continue reading That’s Not My Toilet!

The poor, dear “fully disabled toilet”.

This is part of a response from a business I contacted to discuss the need for toilets with a hoist and changing table. “I am afraid that we don’t currently have a toilet with a hoist and adult changing bed but we do have a fully disabled toilet.” Yes, that is the problem! Your toilet is fully disabled -it… Continue reading The poor, dear “fully disabled toilet”.

10 things you may not know about parenting a disabled child.

Some “friends” will disappear, but those who stay, and those who choose to be part of your new world, will be the most amazing friends a person could ever know. You will ache to depths that you didn’t know possible but you will also know unimaginable joy at things others don’t even see. No matter… Continue reading 10 things you may not know about parenting a disabled child.

Some things are just wrong.

If you learned that an older child was being made to wear nappies, even though they were able to use the toilet, what would you think? Would you be appalled? Would you be horrified at their parents? Would you expect social services to step in and “save” that child? Surely no child should have to live like that?… Continue reading Some things are just wrong.

Not “special”.

I really don’t like the term “special needs”. There, I have said it! I feel like I should duck and hide because many will disagree, but this is my feeling to share. My son does not have “special needs” and I am not a “special parent”. No, he can’t sit unaided, or stand, or walk, or feed… Continue reading Not “special”.

It could be YOU!

No, not winning the lottery – that is quite unlikely. Becoming disabled. That can happen to anyone. No ticket required and no age restrictions. There was a time when I had no idea about the importance of lowered kerbs. There was a time when I had no idea about the need for ramped access. There was… Continue reading It could be YOU!