Not “special”.

I really don’t like the term “special needs”. There, I have said it! I feel like I should duck and hide because many will disagree, but this is my feeling to share. My son does not have “special needs” and I am not a “special parent”. No, he can’t sit unaided, or stand, or walk, or feed… Continue reading Not “special”.

My son matters!

Why as a society do we expect our more vulnerable members to accept less than we would ever accept for ourselves? “Floor based changing facility”. I kid you not, that is the term used . I had signed Adam up to an activity for disabled children and queried the toilet situation for those who need… Continue reading My son matters!

27 miles for lunch?

When you want to go out for lunch what is the main thing that you look for? Cost? Menu options? Toilet facilities? Really??? You have never even thought about the last one? Of course there will be toilet facilities! Won’t there? Not necessarily. Certainly not if you use a wheelchair and can’t stand up by yourself.… Continue reading 27 miles for lunch?

It could be YOU!

No, not winning the lottery – that is quite unlikely. Becoming disabled. That can happen to anyone. No ticket required and no age restrictions. There was a time when I had no idea about the importance of lowered kerbs. There was a time when I had no idea about the need for ramped access. There was… Continue reading It could be YOU!

Who needs Changing Places?

Whenever I see “Changing Places” written down I am mentally adding the word “toilets”. I dislike the name given to the facilities and the campaign because it doesn’t tell us enough. “Changing Places toilets” are not just a place to change pads. That is one need for some users, but not for all. Just because you… Continue reading Who needs Changing Places?

Something horrible happened.

Possibly just feet away from you. Just behind a closed door. You were probably not aware of it. It probably also happened at most service stations across the country. It definitely happened at a local supermarket. It happened at the zoo. It happened at a theme park. It happened in a shopping centre. Somewhere near… Continue reading Something horrible happened.

Thank you Cornwall Services, for so much more than just the toilet.

  When someone listens to you, what does it mean? When your life is a little different to what most people are used to it is often quite difficult to tell people what you need. I am a naturally quiet sort, my idea of a great night involves relaxing and wearing pyjamas in the comfort… Continue reading Thank you Cornwall Services, for so much more than just the toilet.