We all do it – even Elves!

Some days you have to be brave. Here is a photo like no other that I am likely to ever share again. Please be kind, I did it to raise awareness of something really, really important. Would you take a photo of yourself on the toilet? No? Because it is a personal matter? Something which… Continue reading We all do it – even Elves!

What is a Changing Places toilet?

Quite simply, it is a toilet with extra space and two extra bits of equipment to assist those who cannot just get themselves onto a toilet. No big deal, just a hoist to lift a person from their wheelchair and an adult sized changing table to change pads or to sort clothes and switch to a toilet sling… Continue reading What is a Changing Places toilet?

Some wheelchair users do and some wheelchair users don’t.

Wheelchair users often get some strange looks from able-bodied people. Especially if they create a miracle in the supermarket by rising from their chair to reach the higher shelves. Or by getting up and walking to a table in a restaurant. People use wheelchairs for a variety of purposes. Some people can walk, but not far.… Continue reading Some wheelchair users do and some wheelchair users don’t.

Some things are just wrong.

If you learned that an older child was being made to wear nappies, even though they were able to use the toilet, what would you think? Would you be appalled? Would you be horrified at their parents? Would you expect social services to step in and “save” that child? Surely no child should have to live like that?… Continue reading Some things are just wrong.

Flambards, almost the best day of the week.

Did you hear the one about the boy who took his own toilet to a theme park? No, it isn’t a joke. It actually happened. It was the only way this boy could “go” when at the theme park. Flambards theme park in Helston, Cornwall, was always Adam’s favourite place to go. He cannot stand or… Continue reading Flambards, almost the best day of the week.

Parent or carer?

The baby and toddler years are hard. Very few people will dispute that. Most of us admit to a little relief when our little darlings can feed themselves, take themselves off to the toilet, play quietly in their room, get themselves out of the bath  and, most blissful of all, when they can get themselves… Continue reading Parent or carer?

Not “special”.

I really don’t like the term “special needs”. There, I have said it! I feel like I should duck and hide because many will disagree, but this is my feeling to share. My son does not have “special needs” and I am not a “special parent”. No, he can’t sit unaided, or stand, or walk, or feed… Continue reading Not “special”.