Why did Santa “hold on”?

One of our favourite Christmas books for children is ‘Father Christmas Needs A Wee’, by Nicholas Allen. It is a fun book with counting and rhyming as well as a bit of toilet-related humour – what more can we ask in a fun festive book? But there is a much more serious message in it, (which only… Continue reading Why did Santa “hold on”?

My journey with Alfie.

As I set out with Alfie each “Oh, who’s your friend” I received was cheerfully greeted with an explanation of who Alfie was and what his needs are. By day two of travelling I’d grown tired of repeating it all. BY DAY TWO. By day three I didn’t have the heart to say it anymore.… Continue reading My journey with Alfie.

Elf On Wheels goes to London.

A trip on a night train to London is something most people would look forward to with great excitement. But when you use a wheelchair, it can be nerve-wracking, with so many extra things to consider. How many days ahead do I need to book assistance? Is the platform accessible? Will there be steps? Will assistance actually come?… Continue reading Elf On Wheels goes to London.

It shouldn’t happen to an Elf.

Alfie the Elf taken to his bed and will not even look up. He is devastated. He is embarrassed and doesn’t want to go out any more. Alfie went to Sainsbury’s Superstore in Penzance, choosing it because it is a great store with wide aisles – nice and spacious for moving about in his wheelchair. Shopping… Continue reading It shouldn’t happen to an Elf.

The day the world began to shrink.

Three years ago today is when my son’s world started to shrink. It is also the day that Bristol Children’s Hospital saved his life. His spine was badly curved and crushing his internal organs. His ribcage on his left side was tucked inside his hip bone and he was struggling to eat or drink. Without the operation to insert… Continue reading The day the world began to shrink.

A little-known fact about Santa…

It is not widely known, but Santa is an equal-opportunities employer. Every Elf is encouraged to fulfill their full potential and every Elf is valued equally. Which is why Santa has been rather cross to read some online comments recently – comments which relate to the value of disabled people, in particular, those who require… Continue reading A little-known fact about Santa…

Wheels, Wild Food and Fun!

Life has plenty of battles for disabled people but, every so often, somebody gets everything totally right and I love to share those moments. A few months back I saw a family foraging walk advertised and really wanted to try it, but I really wasn’t sure about wheelchair accessibility or if my son would even cope with strangers being… Continue reading Wheels, Wild Food and Fun!

Pitiful Government Response.

I recently shared yet another petition to get Changing Places toilets to be more than a mere recommendation in the building standards, and it led me to look back at the most recent government response to this issue. Get ready! “The Government recognises that “Changing Places” toilets play an important role to support the day to day… Continue reading Pitiful Government Response.

5 Things I’d Change About Cornwall

I love living in Cornwall, but there is a big problem with it – it is soooo far away from the rest of the country! So I would move it a little closer to the rest of the country! Lands End. If you follow my blog you will know that there is no love lost… Continue reading 5 Things I’d Change About Cornwall